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Change the way you think about fashion

Discover how sustainability is transforming the way fashion does business

Parsons Paris School of Design is providing a free learning exercise to help high school students pursue their passion for fashion. Start with the dark side of fashion and learn how a tragic event changed an industry for the better. Find out how sustainability led the way to new fabrics, new looks, and innovations like “Rent the Runway.” Watch these engaging videos and hear from fashion experts and designers. Test what you’ve learned by answering a set of questions below.

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Test what you’ve learned — answer these questions:

  • Do you think it is possible for fashion to truly be sustainable? Why or why not?
  • What do you think are the biggest challenges to sustainability in fashion?
  • What is fast fashion? What is slow fashion?
  • What is the difference between the sharing economy, circular economy, and upcycling?
  • Research a recent innovation that you find in new sustainable materials, new processes or new business practices. What makes the innovation sustainable? What unsustainable material/process/practice can it replace?

Meet Your Parsons Paris Instructors

Portrait of Eros

Eros Erotokritos

A designer with his own brand and ecommerce business, Eros is the founder of two boutiques in Paris. He is internationally known as a specialist in the elements of style.

Portrait of Anna

Anna Krutiy

A marketing and product development manager with expertise in luxury brands, Anna has worked with such names as Chanel Paris, Swarovski SAS and the Woolmark Company.

Portrait of Badara

Badara Ndiaye

An influencer and source of new ideas, Badara is a creative director and inspirational figure in Paris fashion. His clients have included Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Puma, Adidas and Fashion TV.